Vacation in Hawaii

This winter break, my family and I took a quick trip to the beautiful island of Oahu. Not only were we able to pack in activities, we were able to pack in delicious foods while we were there. This was my third trip to Oahu and I swear it feels like home by now. We hit many “must-see” spots on Oahu but here are a few places that I want to talk about!

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Diamond Head

We went to Nu’uanu Valley and hiked to the Jack Ass Tide-pools. I got a ton of mosquito bites and no one else did so that was pleasant. It was raining on and off that day so everything was glistening with rain drops and everything smelled fresh. Once we got to the tide-pools everyone left, which was cool because we had the area to ourselves where we could jump and swim.


We went to the Pu’u O Manuka Heiau State Monument and read about the history of the site. It was a bittersweet adventure because it was one of the most beautiful look out points I have ever been to, but it was the place where many were killed. There were chickens running around the meadows, tripping over the flowers that people had left. We took photos on the look out as it started to sprinkle.

My favorite part of the trip was when we went to the Black Point Swimming Pool, it is a secret pool on the ocean and it was so hard to get to. I would talk about it more…but that would ruin the secrecy of it…

Black Point Infinity

The last memories of the HI trip was eating at Rainbows drive-in, where we had a cat accompany our little dinner area. For dessert we went to the Leonard’s Bakery Food Truck where we scarfed down 8 Hot Malasadas between the four of us.


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