How To Style an Oversized Jacket

Hey Loves!

For my first fashion post I had fun walking around The Pelican Hill Resort to look for places to take photos. Since it was the afternoon, the sun was not glaring hot and the breeze started to kick in. I love being by the beach to clear my head and relax a little.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

I wanted to focus on how to style a BOMBER JACKET… or any over sized jacket that you wanted to throw on with your outfit. Especially with this Spring weather being unpredictable, you always want to have a layer to bring with you on your outing. Some of the problems I have with oversized jackets is that I either look like I am going to sleep or it dresses me down so much it swallows my outfit. I wanted to give you guys some pointers on how to style an OVERSIZED JACKET!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Tip 1: Wear the jacket off the shoulders! (It will give you dimension to your outfit, and a little sultry vibe with the peek of the shoulder)

Tip 2: Style the oversized jacket with a dressier pant. (With either an over sized zip up or a bomber, the pant will instantly give the outfit the flare that it needs)

Tip 3: Throw on some heels! (If you have a basic top and bottom and the statement piece is your oversized jacket, you can add a heeled boot or wedge that make your outfit next level)

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