Kresel started acting at the age of 5 when she was discovered by L.A. Talent Agency. She did many commercials and modeling jobs for companies such as Edens Bridal, Barbie, IHOP, and Mervyn’s. She began training ballet at the age of 5 at Irvine Ballet dance Academy in Irvine, CA. She continued her career in East Lansing, MI at the Mark Taylor School of Dance, where she trained in pointe and performed with the school.

Kresel moved back to Los Angeles and trained with Southland Ballet Academy as well as Millennium Dance Complex. She was accepted into the Joffrey School of Ballet Professional Program in New York, and the Joffrey School of Ballet West, by audition, and trained with prestigious choreographers such as Mia Michaels.

Kresel’s dance career continued in college where she performed in the Synapse Dance Ensemble with Santa Monica College Dance. She continued with her acting career and booked a role as “Trina” on MTV’s hit show AWKWARD. She continues to train at Millennium Dance Complex and in many studios in the Los Angeles Area.

Kresel auditioned and was accepted into Loyola Marymount University into the College of Communications and Fine Arts. She earned her B.A.

Kresel is now a styling assistant for Celebrity Stylist and has worked on music videos, High fashion photo shoots, and costume designing in DowntownLA Studios.

Insta: @kresel